12" Moderate Pad - Fire Vixen

12" Moderate Pad - Fire Vixen

12" Moderate Flow Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad

Length 12" / 31cm
Snapped width 2.75"/7cm

This beautiful silky cloth pad is made with:

- Bamboo Velour top
- 1 layer core of absorbent Heavy Bamboo Fleece
- Hidden layer of breathable PUL (leakproof)
- Durable Resin KAM snaps

- Cotton Spandex back

Absorbency marked with coloured snap
White - Liner
Light pink - Light
Bright pink - Moderate
Red - Heavy
Black - Super/Post Partum

I strive to produce beautiful, quality pads and although I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I am not a machine and so there may be some small imperfections as little features of a lovingly handmade product ♡

Washing care instructions come with each purchase.


Cloth pads are a fantastic investment for so many reasons - they're beautiful, eco-friendly, economical, fun and comfortable but what I really like about them is the way they help you reconnect with yourself.
Women should honour their cycle and using cloth pads is a wonderful way to nurture your sacred inner rhythm.