Custom Pad with Hand Dyed Bamboo

Custom Pad with Hand Dyed Bamboo

To have a beautiful Cloth Pad custom made follow the steps to create the perfect pad to suit your needs!

First choose your length...


8" / 21cm are a great size for pantyliners, light flow, cup back up, teens or more petite ladies


10" / 25cm are the closest in length to a regular disposable and work very well for light to heavy flow. Great length to try for your first cloth pad experience.


12" / 31cm are perfect overnight pads or those who just like a longer pad, also great length for postpartum. 


14" / 36cm are for those who want and need the extra coverage and are also great for postpartum if you require a longer pad.


Second pick your absorbency....


PANTYLINER  - For daily discharge or very light spotting.

No waterproof layer


LIGHT -  Suitable as a pantyliner, for cup backup, mild incontinence and light flow. Able to cope with a “regular” or “moderate” flow if changed regularly


MODERATE -  Suitable to use through most of your period. Able to cope with heavy flow if changed regularly


HEAVY -  Suitable for Heavy flow, overnight or incontinence


SUPER -  For post partum, overnight or super heavy flow


Then Choose your shape!


I offer a selection of different shapes to choose from as every womans 'flow style' is different...


The Curved Tip shape is my most popular, it it symmetrical and offers a slim gusset and is flared at each end giving enough coverage where needed for the average flow.


The Rounded shape is very similar in function to the curved tip shape, it is also symmetriacl though it has a slightly wider gusset (center of the pad where the wings wrap around the underwear).


The Front Flow shape is an asymmetrical pad designed for those that find they bleed more towards the front of the pad. It has a wide rounded flare at the front and a regular round back.


The Night Queen shape is designed mainly for those that need the extra coverage at the back, especially at night when things can seem to run towards the back end. It has a wide flare on the bottom half and a regular flare at the top.


Now for the fun part!! Choose the fabric you would like!


I will be updating the fabric selections regulary and announcing any new releases

on the shop page and also on social media, so be sure to follow Her Rhythm to stay up to date! 


Once you have reviewed your choices and added any additional comments if need be, your pad will be created and shipped to you between 4 - 6 weeks after purchase.


Creating your own pad is a very special way to stay true to your sacred inner Rhythm...