Mother Moon - Postpartum Set

Mother Moon - Postpartum Set

Mother Moon Postpartum Set


Whether it's your first or your fifth, having a baby is an incredible experience and the time afterwards deserves some nurturing...

This would also make a perfect baby shower gift! Often people just buy for the baby, so why not spoil the mother to be!


This care kit comes with a few essentials for the postpartum period:

- 3 super soft and silky Bamboo Velour Pads

These are 12" / 31cm long and they have 3 layers of thirsty heavy bamboo fleece as the core making these a super flow absorbency.

These are absolute luxury compared to those giant nappy-like plastic disposable pads. They are hand dyed with love and made to help you feel less clinical and more like a goddess after birth. 

- 2 pairs of reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

These are made with a plush and soft minky layer, a moderate layer of Bamboo Fleece in the center and backed with a waterproof fabric to prevent any leaks through the pad.

- A lovely, soft and absorbent bamboo burp cloth to keep on hand (or shoulder) during breastfeeding your precious little bubba.

- Amethyst Labour Oil specifically blended to relax as well as induce labour

- Calendula and Rose Nipple Balm to sooth tenderness after breast feeding

- A healing Crystal Carnelian bracelet

- Organic Herbal Tea


All comes in a beautiful and rigid box to keep!