Custom Wetbag

Custom Wetbag

Wet/Dry Bag

- Double zip with two compartments for storing you cloth pads

- One dry pocket lined with cotton for storing clean pads and another waterproof pocket lined with pul for storing used pads                                                            - Simply rinse your used pad and store in wet compartment until washing



(please note that these are approximate sizes, give or take a cm or 2)


Mini 13cm x 13cm
Can fit 2-3 pads. Perfect for your hand bag while out and about


Small 16cm x 20cm
Can fit 5-10 pads. Perfect for overnight stays or short trips away


Medium 25cm x 28cm
Can fit 10 – 20 pads. Perfect for your home stash


Large 31cm x 33cm
Can fit 12 – 30 pads. Perfect for those with longer pads in their stash or to use as a nappy bag for cloth nappy mummas