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Her Rhythm Reviews

Collected from my beautiful customers 


“Stunning quality and beautifully presented! Creator went above and beyond regarding customer service by redesigning a pad tailored for me. I own many pads from different creators but hers are second to none.”

- Julie Facinelli Wyle 

“Purchasing from Her Rhythm is a personalized experience. I received a beautiful put together package with a personal thank you note and a small appreciation gift. Anneli Jane not only cares about you as a customer, she cares about you as a woman.” - Jamone Maynard

 “I have absolutely nothing but incredible things to say. The items are beautiful and visibly lovingly made. The care taken in wrapping and shipping, it is all part of the magic. ❤ Truly beautiful work and spirit.” - Sarah Lorien


“This is my third purchase from Anneli, it's always such a pleasure shopping here. Fantastic quality, lovely dye work as usual, and super comfy. Possibly my favourite CSP maker :) Many thanks xx” - Sydney Okamoto



“Amazing quality! These are all I use for that time of the month. Well worth the price” - Megan Cullum



“This was the most beautifully packaged item I've ever received. And the cloth pad was even more vibrant and beautiful and full of detail than I imagined! Thank you so much for putting so much time and love into your work!!!” - Jordan Vincent 


“Nearly my entire cloth pad stash is made up of Her Rythm cloth pads. I just love them. Totally recommend if you want a pad that has beautiful patterns, non bulky and most important - leak resistant. 💖💖”

- Sarah Skelton


“Amazing helpful service.. fantastic quality product... I’ve been back for more. I’m padditcted to this product 😁”

- Sarah Archer 


“This is my favorite purchase so far. It is soft, and every bit as beautiful in person. Hands down my favorite pad maker. Posted promptly, and arrived in style wrapped like the gift it is! ❤” - Sarah Koebler


That's the first thing I have to say! I found Her Rhythm after doing some research one day while sitting at home after getting absolutely sick of throw away pads as they would give me a horrible rash, they looked big bulky and disgusting, they smelt and I was always bleeding out the tops as nothing ever fitted right. I got into contact with Her Rhythm and Anneli made sure everything was perfect after sending her some measurements and a bit of info she told me exactly what I needed. She made me the most beautiful hand dyed designs ever. I don't dread bleeding now because thanks to Night Queen, I am the Queen of the night! No more bleeding out the top, no more nasty rash, they don't smell, they don't get stuck in the wrong place, they are beautiful. Cloth is beautiful and I will never go back. So easy to rinse and clean and so comfortable! I seriously do note hate my period anymore. I am on day 4 and am loving cloth. Simply amazing. Thank you so much darling.. You.have.saved.a.woman! forever grateful xoxo” - Chloe Mildred


“I love my new cloth pads so much I just put in another order... first time user and wished I had done this sooner!!! I’m so proud of making the change and so happy I purchased them from Her Rhythm cloth pads ...

I love the colours, the fabrics, the quality and they are so easy to use/ comfortable to wear! Thank-you so much! Can’t wait for my next order to arrive soon!” - Lara Von Bee 



“I love my new cloth pads, they are so pretty! I can't wait for my period to start so I can try them out! And they came in a parcel all wrapped like a gift - how special! Thank you so much!” - Anja Carina

“These are absolutely beautiful! They arrived with a BEAUTIFUL note and card that smelled so sweet! That was such a special touch that was not expected. They are very well made and I appreciate the professionalism as well that I received. We will definitely continue to order items from this shop. THANK YOU!!” - Elissa Nelson



“Absolutely beautifully packaged. Such a treat to receive. Quality material. Well made. Will definitely buy more. Thank you.” - Jess Barrington


“Im in love with my Rainbow Cheetah Liner! So soft and comfy to wear. She has a great variety and selection in her shop and is very affordable. Such a sweet person to deal with and very helpful with any questions or concerns. I highly recommend her and I appreciate her expertise!! Thanks” - Lindsey Brown 


“Can not tell enough women how great these are! These have completely changed my outlook and I LOVE the difference! I’m so much in love with how relaxed and comfortable it is now for me!” – Damara Graham


“Something amazing has happened! 
I am no longer dreading getting my period, in fact I look forward to them. I know right!!...Where was “Her Rhythm” pads 35 years ago.... All you young girls out there just getting your periods, you are soo lucky.
At nearly 50 I have wasted so much money on disposable pads full of harsh chemicals only to flush them down the toilet. I have now tried a good range of” Her Rhythm” pads and just Looooove them for so many reasons. Not only is bamboo a natural fibre, it's also unbelievably soft and feels super comfortable to wear, but the colours, patterns, and designs are just amazing and I get very exited to try new ones. (I feel a paddiction coming on). This is a treat to myself at a time of self nurturing... totally justifiable. I want to thank you for giving me a highlight to this special time... even if it's only for a few more years for me, but also for making me feel so much more connected to myself and my very own beautiful woman rhythm. Bless you”

- Nina Malmerin


“Anneli is amazing. She is very accommodating and determined to find what works for you. She designed a new pad to suit my needs and is very open in discussing any issues you may have. The pads are very well made, very neat stitching and certainly looks durable. I highly recommend.” – Lisa Buddee


“Yes! These pads are perfect in every way. Comfortable, beautifully made and reusable! It feels quite special to be a woman. Thank you Her Rhythm, I love them!” – Marielle Johnston


“Loving my gorgeous and stunningly created Cloth Pads! So comfy to wear, super absorbent, easy to use and wash. Will definitely add more to my collection!” – Moni Apro


“Absolutely love my new works of art. Super easy to use and wash and puts some fun into the dreaded time of month. Designs are so unique and made with love” – Trish Lee


“Beautifully made, great shape and so comfy to wear. Such a lovely product to help honour your womanhood. I'll definitely be getting more for my collection.” – Nena Patrick