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Anneli Jane


Her Rhythm evolved from an unknowing journey beginning when I first got my period and was so utterly distraught, to the moment now where I am embracing it, honoring it, even welcoming it, and helping other women around me do the same. The reason I truly love making these products and want to share them with all womankind is to help them reconnect to their beautiful bodies.

How I discovered Cloth Pads…

My son was born by cesarean and so I never experienced much of a ‘postpartum’ as opposed to ‘post-surgery’ and during my second pregnancy before giving birth to my beautiful little girl I was doing all the research I could on how to prepare for a natural birth (vbac) and the postpartum period.


Turns out I was going to bleed, (like a lot) after birth which I had not experienced with my first child. Among the Youtube videos I was watching came the necessity of having postpartum pads and so of course since I already had the required materials from the cloth nappies I made years ago for my son, I made my own.

I really had the creative juices flowing during my pregnancy!

I made nappies, change mats, bibs, cloth wipes, feeding pillow, soft toys, blankets and more but when it came to the pads, after many tutorials and much self-teaching I was utterly hooked on making them!

After the birth I got to test them out, starting with postpartum then as my flow got lighter I gradually got to create and test heavy, moderate, light and then when the bleeding stopped I made liners. I gave them out to my family and friends to test different shapes and topper fabrics and with great feedback I just kept on making!

The further I delve into the cloth world the more gratitude I have for having found it...

Never would I have thought that as young girl disgusted at getting her period I would be sewing cloth menstrual pads, as my job, as my business, as my life! That just blows my mind.

Cloth pads really are such a wonderful investment. They are so much more economical and the amount of landfill that is prevented by switching from disposables to cloth is incredible. They feel so much nicer to wear and have been known to ease cramps and help make periods shorter and lighter (which I have noticed myself) and of course they are so much more beautiful and fun to use during such a delicate time of month.

The process of creating these products for women has allowed me learn so much about myself.

This whole experience from the first cloth pad I created until now has been one of slowly but surely embracing myself as a woman and accepting the fact that I bleed and dissolving the squeamishness that I had with it. Like me, women have been conditioned to disregard, suppress and complain about the very thing that make them a woman. Moontime for us ladies is rarely something we give much consideration or respect to, often we complain when it arrives and throw away any evidence of its presence, like it’s something to be ashamed of.

Using Cloth pads to me now is really about reconnecting with the true essence of being a woman.

I’ve begun to realize that perhaps I’m not the creative force behind Her Rhythm, perhaps it is something bigger than me.

I can feel a deeper purpose and a deeper meaning behind what I do and it’s not just that I sew these products that have so many practical benefits, but there is a greater energy behind all of this and it’s a force that is trying to awaken change and an empowering movement into self-acceptance and self-love and embracing the divine feminine that is within us.

And I feel like I’ve become a conduit for it and I have this intense drive to make things happen. Sometimes I feel it isn’t just me wanting to get to work. I’ve always had such a strong desire to move forward with this and to make it better and bigger and bolder. And get it out there, so that it creates this new movement for women to change the way that they think about their bodies and change the way that they feel about the natural flow that happens within them.


Her Rhythm is here to help you nurture your womanhood and empower your Moontime with modern and reusable Luxury Cloth Pads…


~ Embrace your inner Rhythm ~