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Eco Friendly

Luxury Cloth Pads

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Her Rhythm cloth pads help women to nurture their womanhood & reconnect
to their natural cycles. 

Our latest fabrics & products


Our latest fabric

"Spring Hummingbird"


Available in

Small - 8" / 21cm 

Regular - 10" / 25cm 

 Long - 12" / 30cm 

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Her Rhythm evolved from an unknowing journey beginning when I first got my period and was so utterly distraught, to the moment now where I am embracing it, honoring it, even welcoming it, and helping other women around me do the same. The reason I truly love making these products and want to share them with all womankind is to help them reconnect to their beautiful bodies...



“I have absolutely nothing but incredible things to say. The items are beautiful and visibly lovingly made. The care taken in wrapping and shipping, it is all part of the magic. Truly beautiful work and spirit.”

Sarah Lorien


“Stunning quality and beautifully presented! Creator went above and beyond regarding customer service by redesigning a pad tailored for me. I own many pads from different creators but hers are second to none.”

Julie Facinelli Wyle

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